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Don’t Put Off Your Christmas Corporate Gifting Any Longer

Is your company thinking of sending festive gifts this year?  Christmas will be here before you know it. The more your prolong your gifting strategy thus year, you might just find yourself wishing you had more time to give it the thought and attention it deserves.

Have you considered sending your gifts before the December rush? Whether sending to clients, employees, referrers, or board members….. now is the time.

“But it’s only November,” you say.

When you send client gifts well before Christmas, you will set yourself apart from your competitors. Your recipients will be pleasantly surprised and they will remember you more than the many companies (some of whom may be your competitors), who send “whatever is left in stock” the week before Christmas.

In the current economic climate, corporate gifting is more important than ever and it’s not advisable to delay in doing so.

The large number of people still working from home have made it challenging to establish, maintain and strengthen working relationships this year. One way to help your team feel connected and appreciated is through gifting. 

A well-chosen gift becomes a way to reward employees for performance above and beyond, in what have been extremely difficult circumstances.

Likewise, with client relationships kept at a distance and the chances to interact in person more limited than before the pandemic, gifts are going to be invaluable this year for creating tangible touchpoints with sales leads, clients and referrers, which can only positively impact your bottom line.

Some Food For Thought…

  • Good gifts take strategy, creativity and planning. Don’t make yours an afterthought that fails to stand out and in doing so, fail to create the desired impact.
  • The less time you give us to shape your gifting strategy, the less time we have to brainstorm and get creative, thus your gift risks being one that gets lost in the crowd
  • To build deeper emotional connection between the gifter and giftee, the best gifts are those that are carefully chosen and show a real understanding of the recipient.
  • The earlier you shop, the more product availability you’re going to have - and the more opportunities we have to help you curate products that forge a deeper connection between your business and the recipient.
  • Your gift is going to stand out from the crowd if it’s the one of the first your recipient receives.
  • Supply chain issues are a concern this year.  The earlier you shop, we can allocate stock to your order and avoid disappointment.

Well thought out Christmas corporate gifting that is correctly timed carries an element of surprise that enhances their value in building an emotional connection. Even though there are direct monetary benefits of corporate gifting, such as lead generation and improved sales, the emotional and sentimental benefits are equally important.

With that in mind, when you give gifts thoughtfully, at the right time, and with the right preparation, it goes a long way in making your teammates or clients feel valued and appreciated – and you can congratulate yourself for a project that stands out and has been well executed.

Order early and get this crossed off your to do list. Requestour Christmas Gifting Brochure and place your order ahead of time so that we can help you achieve your gifting goals.

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