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It All Started From a Gifting Challenge That One Of Our Founders Faced

Every business starts from a challenge or sometimes even a simple need that is converted into an opportunity. Ours is no different.

Whilst we started working on making Gourmet Luxe a reality six months ago.....you could say the seed was planted a few years ago....

The idea behind our signature luxury food gifts was born from a challenge that our founder, Rahul Katrak faced when he got engaged to his wife. Being a foodie, he wanted to gift her a hamper of gourmet rose products (a flavour that she loves) at their engagement ceremony, but faced difficulty in finding all the right gifts on one website and presenting them in a way that was luxurious and appealing.

After extensively searching for some very elusive products and ordering from several sources, not to mention multiple delivery charges, choosing a luxurious box and struggling to tie a ribbon around it, Rahul thought there was a gap in the market that needed to be filled, both on a retail and corporate gifting level. And thus, eventually, Gourmet Luxe was born!

Gourmet Luxe is a celebration of our passion for fine foods, our love of discovering exciting flavours and innovative, design led products.

We bring to the table our enthusiasm for creating and amplifying great brands, not just visually, but in terms of unique experiences and our belief that great teams need to be appreciated and rewarded and valuable business relationships need to be continually nurtured, 

We look forward to adding excitement and uniqueness to corporate and retail gifting, as a result of our unique approach, bringing together luxury products and exquisite presentation and shaping these into immersive themes and experiences. 

To find out more, email us at info@gourmet-luxe.com