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12 Ways You Can Leverage Christmas Corporate Gifts For Business Growth

As an ode to the 12 days of Christmas, we thought we’d bring you 12 reasons why corporate Christmas corporate gifts are the perfect complement to your marketing and business development strategy.  

Nurture Leads
Sending a Christmas corporate gift or hamper to your leads and you will ensure your brand is the first one they recall over the festive period and further into the new year.

Close Deals
Corporate gifts build rapport and relationships and nurture significant stages of the customer journey. Sending something related to the recipients’ personal interests builds a connection and using gifts to tell your brand story will help a potential client appreciate your USP, all of which can close sales.

Improve Company Culture
Corporate Christmas gifts are perfect for thanking employees and stakeholders whilst showing your appreciation for their hard work or investment over the year.

Improve Customer Loyalty
For long standing customers who keep coming back, be sure to thank them for their loyalty and let them know that you value your relationship with them with a thoughtful Christmas gift tailored to their unique tastes.

 Raise Money For Charity
Christmas is a time for giving. You could raise money for a charity that aligns with your corporate values by having a work raffle for a Christmas hamper and donating the proceeds to your chosen charity.

 Provide Customers With A Discount
Including a discount code for your products or services inside a seasonal Christmas hamper that your clients can use in the new year is a great way to promote 1st quarter sales.

Support Small Businesses
A well-planned and considered gift-giving program supports small businesses and artisans and can boost your CSR credentials.

Drive Social Media Engagement
If you buy a corporate Christmas gift that has the wow factor, its likely to be photographed and shared on LinkedIn or other social media, thus raising your company’s profile in the recipients professional network.

Brand Recall And Recognition
Long-lasting, brilliantly designed but useful corporate gifts that are used regularly are an excellent way of getting your brand seen often. The more frequently your brand is recalled, the higher the chances are that it will be front of mind when a purchasing decision needs to be made.

Celebrate Inclusion And Diversity
Highly personalised gifting that shows consideration for the recipients, tastes, culture, religious beliefs, interest and lifestyle is a great way to celebrate inclusion and diversity.

Stand Out From Your Competitors
Sending a Christmas gift to your customers is a great way to stand out from your competitors and position yourself favourably in your client’s minds.

Human Connection
There’s nothing anyone loves more than receiving a surprise gift. They’re also a great way to forge a personalised human connection in an increasingly digital world.

We could carry on, but we think we’ve made our point. Shop our extensive range of Christmas corporate gifts and make a head start on your business development for next year!